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About Matrix Auction Platform

An efficient and cost-effective solution

Matrix Auction Platform

The Matrix Auction Platform (MAP) combines a unique auction technology with proprietary short-term physical bilateral agreements and financial derivative products to offer new ways for the commodity storage ecosystem to efficiently make business transactions.

MAP offers an automated, standardized, and transparent method of purchasing for participants in the auction. Traders, refiners and other traditional storage customers have readily adopted the electronic storage auction program and are active participants.

Industry Achievements and Market Benefits

Increased Transparency

The Matrix Auction Platform gives immediate price discovery to the value of storage

Credit Disintermediation

Through a proprietary clearing process, counterpart risk is removed

Increased Liquidity

Removing credit barriers and improving the ease of acquisition attracts new participants that are interested in short- and intermediate-term storage solutions


Being able to acquire storage on an as-needed basis provides users the ability to match their acquisition with their financial or physical requirements