IMTT Savannah North Storage Auction

storage futures contract

About the IMTT Savannah North Auction

IMTT will notify qualified customers in advance of any auction of tank capacity at its Savannah North facility in Savannah, Georgia USA . Any notice will be sent via the proprietary Matrix Auction Platform.

What is the IMTT Auction?

The auction provides a transparent, competitive platform for individual companies to bid on available tank storage capacity at the IMTT Savannah North facility located in Savannah Georgia USA.

Qualified customers who complete the Matrix and IMTT documentation will be notified in advance of any pending auction.

Utilizing the Matrix Auction Platform, customers will be able to bid on term storage contracts for the exclusive use of defined storage tank(s) for a defined time period. Customers interested in the repurposing of tanks for other use may also participate.

Upcoming Auctions

Matrix Storage Capacity Auction IMTT Savanah North July 21st, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Houston time