about matrix commodity finance

About Matrix Commodity Finance

Creating transformative efficiencies in trade finance through unique methodology and dynamic auction-based technology.

About Matrix Commodity Finance

Matrix Commodity Finance (MCF) is focused on facilitating unique simplified trade finance structures for the physical commodity trade sector, a multi-trillion-dollar global industry. MCF was formed to meet the growing demand for alternatives in commodity trade finance, delivering commodity merchants competitive funding and adding diversity to their existing funding sources. MCF adapts the proprietary Matrix auction platform, successfully applied in the crude oil storage market, to open account commodity trade finance transactions.

MCF facilitates the sale of trade receivables and related financial assets between commodity merchants and institutional buyers through dynamic auctions. The auction process provides an efficient and transparent low-cost alternative to traditional commodity trade finance.

Auction Programs

For our clients, we develop tailored programs whose key benefits include:

  • Minimal resource burden: our programs strive to achieve standardization of structure that creates efficiency gains.
  • Financial flexibility: alternative financing sources may allow our clients to preserve relationship bank lines for other uses.
  • Increased liquidity: MCF introduces new liquidity sources and relationships to our clients.
  • Competitive: the auction promotes market-based competition and financing cost improvement.
  • Scalable: our programmatic approach intends to provide financing solutions for a series of transactions.
  • Private and secure: client information is protected and secured.

Alternative Financing

Not every transaction lends itself to an auction-based financing solution. Our experienced team has the structural expertise and market connectivity to craft bespoke commodity finance alternatives.

MCF builds on Matrix’s proven technology to significantly reduce costs, enhance price transparency, and rapidly expand new liquidity sources.