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Commodity Buyers & Suppliers

Offering our global customer base alternative forms of short-term financing for qualified commodity trade transactions.

Replacing Traditional Commodity Trade Financing with Innovative, Efficient Financing Solutions Utilizing Proprietary Technologies

Over the last decade, we have seen a paradigm shift in how commodity merchants operate. We recognize the need to bridge the gap between commodity traders’ demands and the offerings of traditional lenders. Matrix Commodity Finance (MCF) is meeting the growing demand for alternatives in the commodity trade finance space.

MCF introduces a non-invasive solution that enables commodity merchants to finance their open account receivables sales with more predictable liquidity and simplified structure, achieving the added benefits of cost savings and the introduction of new financing sources.

Standardized documentation simplifies the process and reduces overall cost compared to traditional commodity trade finance facilities.

Our methodology is based on the same successful model applied in the crude oil storage auction, with the technology adapted to fit the commodity trade finance marketplace.

Key Benefits

The MCF model can provide a committed maximum financing cost (“ceiling price”) that grants our clients cost predictability and assurance of funding.

Other key benefits of the MCF unique auction model include:

  • Expanded liquidity sources
  • Cash flow/balance sheet management
  • Streamlined and standardized structure and documentation
  • Pricing transparency
  • Market-based competition
  • Dynamic scalability
  • Privacy and security

MCF works closely with our clients to provide diversified financing solutions for their transaction structures

Our customers receive unprecedented access to an extensive investor base, creating a transparent, competitive marketplace.