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510 Million

Barrels of storage capacity sold

The Matrix Auction Program (MAP) increases participation, improves liquidity, reduces credit exposure and legal costs, allowing facilities to diversify its storage offerings.

Matrix Global

The upstream and downstream energy markets have utilized derivative products for the past 35 years to help manage their market risk. The Matrix Auction Program (MAP) similarly provides a means for the midstream storage sector to help manage its risk through portfolio diversification. The MAP enables a facility owner to have a mix of both traditional term storage for two-plus years and short-term storage contracts for 1 to 12 months that are positioned along the forward curve. The MAP provides different methodologies that storage facilities can utilize to enhance their marketing efforts.


The Matrix auction platform gives immediate price discovery to the value of storage.

Credit Disintermediation

Through the CME clearing process and the prepayment mechanism, counterparty risk is removed between the buyer and the seller.


Being able to acquire storage on an as-needed basis provides users the ability to match their acquisition with their financial or physical requirements.

Increased Liquidity

By removing credit barriers and improving the ease of acquisition, the Matrix model significantly increases the number of participants.


The Matrix Story

Envisioning and leading the world's first futures contract on crude oil storage capacity and a competitive auction process.

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