The Matrix Story

crude oil storage

The Matrix Story

Fundamentally transforming how the energy industry transacts. Join the transformation.

Matrix Global

Matrix Global is a family of companies that implements the avant-garde vision of preeminent experts from the energy industry. With extensive experience in trading, logistics and commodity financing, the Matrix Global team improves how the industry transacts and develops opportunities that lead to a more open market, better risk management, enhanced transparency and reduced credit exposure.

Matrix Markets

Matrix’s first initiative was the highly successful launch of the world’s first futures contract on crude oil storage capacity, which allows qualified entities to purchase storage during a once-a-month online auction. A complete break from the traditional method of selling storage, the Matrix is cost-effective and sustainable, radically transforming how energy customers can transact for storage, reducing the legal and credit costs inherent in the current approach for term storage.

Matrix Commodity Finance

Matrix Commodity Finance structures and facilitates the sale of trade finance assets to diverse pools of capital through dynamic auctions. MCF is uniquely positioned in the global commodity sector and is highly regarded as a developer of innovative financial products and proprietary technologies, which are utilized by the largest multinational corporations, commodity trading houses and institutional buyers.

A complete break from tradition, the Matrix model has radically transformed the way energy customers transact today, delivering unique and unprecedented benefits.