About Pipeline Marketplace

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Pipeline Marketplace

Buy and sell oil and gas storage capacity.

Our new Pipeline Marketplace platform lets you buy and sell throughput capacity for all major US crude oil pipelines.

Use this marketplace to purchase capacity in pipelines that are currently full or capacity in addition to your current allocation.

We are always adding new pipelines, and we encourage you to ask us to add additional pipelines. This will enable us to offer even greater opportunities to buy and sell pipeline capacity.

Our Active Pipelines

  • Zydeco Pipeline
  • Marketlink
  • Seaway Crude Pipeline
  • Bridgetex Pipeline
  • Eagle Ford Pipeline
  • Gray Oak P66
  • Bayou Bridge Pipeline, LLC
  • Double Eagle Pipeline LLC
  • Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Dakota Access/Etco Joint Tariff
  • Energy Transfer Pipeline
  • Etp Crude, LLC
  • Hfotco, LLC
  • Mid Valley Pipeline Company, LLC
  • Permian Express Partners, LLC
  • Permian Express Partners, LLC and Permian Express Terminal, LLC (Joint)
  • Permian Express Partners LLC and Plains Pipeline, L.P. (Joint)
  • Phillips 66 Carrier, LLC
  • Sacagawea Pipeline Company, LLC
  • Houstonlink Pipeline Company, LLC
  • Longhorn – Magellan Crude Oil Pipeline Company, L.P.
  • Magellan Crude Oil Pipeline Company, L.P.
  • Magellan Pipeline Company, L.P.
  • Saddlehorn Pipeline Company, LLC – Magellan
  • Seabrook Pipeline, LLC
  • Seabrook Pipeline, LLC – Joint Pipeline Tariff