Pipeline Marketplace

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Pipeline Marketplace

An innovative platform for buying and selling pipeline capacity


Currently, pipeline capacity is bought and sold directly with the pipeline operators, and any secondary market transactions are executed via brokers who have previous experience with committed capacity owners. This is an inherently inefficient and time-consuming process.

Pipeline Marketplace provides owners of pipeline capacity with:

  • A tool to offer to sell their excess/unused capacity without paying brokers, and
  • The capability to reach multiple bidders for their capacity.

Time is a valuable commodity. Pipeline Marketplace gives buyers the ability to:

  • The ability to find available pipeline capacity quickly and effectively purchase that capacity without paying brokers.
  • Compare the prices at which pipeline capacity is offered because of a lack of transparency.

The Pipeline Marketplace enables you to better optimize your existing pipeline commitments. You can sell your current capacity by posting an offer on the Marketplace. Also, you can use the Marketplace to purchase pipeline capacity from other participants, which could give you access to capacity that is otherwise unavailable. You can sell your available capacity for a nominal fee. There is no cost to buy capacity.

The Pipeline Marketplace platform

The Pipeline Marketplace enables continuous offering and bidding so that you can buy and sell pipeline capacity whenever you want.