Terminal Marketplace

Terminal Marketplace

The world’s first online platform for buying and selling terminal capacity.

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The Terminal Marketplace platform

The Terminal Marketplace enables continuous offering and bidding so that you can buy and sell tank capacity whenever you want.

The Terminal Database tool


The TankTerminals.com database tool is the premium research tool used by numerous market participants. It gives a complete overview and provides all necessary details and tools to effectively and efficiently compare terminals. Now, the Terminal Marketplace and the Matrix Auction Platform are integrated into TankTerminals.com, which provides a graphical, user friendly and intuitive way to find and filter tank availability, enquire for capacity, bid for or offer tank capacity and close a tank storage transaction. All quickly and easily.

The Terminal Marketplace enables you to monetize or increase your existing terminal commitments. You can sell your current terminal capacity by posting an offer on the Marketplace. Also, you can also use the Marketplace to purchase terminal capacity from other participants, which could give you access to capacity that is otherwise unavailable. You can sell your available capacity for a nominal fee.  There is no cost to buy capacity.

Time is a valuable commodity.

Terminal Marketplace helps you make the most of it. We understand the relationship between terminal facilities and their customers is complicated, and the revolution in information technology over the past 10 years has made it even more complex. The Terminal Marketplace streamlines what is currently a very time-consuming process. The energy markets are extremely volatile, in part because of the markets’ ability to rapidly digest information and use it to alter the price and market structure. We have worked with both terminal facilities and product owners to provide a robust transactional platform that addresses the concerns of all market participants. Terminal Marketplace gives terminal facility owners the ability to:

  • Reach a larger audience of potential customers.
  • Monetize and increase its existing terminal commitments.
  • Create its own listings that include not just volume, price, and term, but the details around the specifics of each individual facility.
  • Limit which Terminal Marketplace participants can respond to a listing and keep their listing anonymous to their competition.

Terminal Marketplace gives terminal capacity buyers the ability to:

  • Find available capacity at terminal facilities worldwide.
  • Monitor real-time data on available capacities, bids, and offers.
  • Compare the prices for storage capacity between terminals around the globe.
  • Quickly and efficiently purchase that capacity without paying brokers.

The Terminal Marketplace is meant to enhance, not replace, the current interplay between terminal facilities and product owners.