Loop Reporting

loop pfa reporting

Physical Forward Agreement (PFA) Transactions

LOOP customers may buy or sell PFAs that are purchased in a LOOP auction through the PFA Secondary Transactions Platform.

    ​Disclaimer:Providing false or misleading reports about LOOP PFA transactions is strictly prohibited. Knowing and intentional violations are subject to severe penalties, including possible criminal prosecution


    • Login to platform:
      • Platform Video tutorial: watch here.
    • Enter information in the appropriate boxes:
      • Whether you want to buy (bid) or sell (offer) PFAs
      • Month
      • Volume
      • Price
      • How long you wish to keep your bid or offer open
    • Once entered, you will be notified by email that you have entered a valid bid or offer for PFAs.
    • Email will be sent to all current LOOP customers with the above parameters.
    • If executed, you will be notified with information regarding your counterparty.
    • At any time, you may cancel, change price, or execute the PFA transaction by accepting a counteroffer.
    • There is no charge for the transaction.
    • By accessing this platform you accept the terms and conditions here.